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To fart, burp, sneeze, cough, laugh, hiccup, piss and shart at the same time. The arms, when executed properly, will flap uncontrollably, and one is normally flung about 5 meters backward by the act. Scientists believe that if done hard enough, a skazu will cause the implosion of the universe.

Derivation: Imitative
#1: Dude! I just Skazu'd all over the office!

#2: I live every day in fear of the day that Chuck Norris Skazu's.

#3: Everything was going fine on our date last night... up until the point I Skazu'd on Nancy's chest!

#4: Robert: Hey John, how's it going? I really liked tha-tha-th-thaaaSKAZUUUU!!!!!
by Skazu March 03, 2010
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