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similar to wrown, but used chiefly by arabian rap gruops.
Hashmeer: hey blade

DJ Blade: shiggidy shiggidy shwat

Hashmeer: shwat you did today

by Ska Fiend May 02, 2005
1. what the dentitist gives you so's you don't kill him when he's tearing your mouth up
2. see fart
santa just landed outside and the creatures of doom 3 are dancing a tango in front of me. haflfafla
by Ska Fiend May 03, 2005
2.sexual position in which the woman lays down and the man runs full speed at her, jumps up, and plants his penis in her mouth

pronounced "shrambone"
let's play some tcshraumbeaune!

why did you bite it off? i thought you liked the tcshraumbeaune!
by Ska Fiend May 02, 2005
a black guy who shoulkd really be white
White Willy: hey guys, i'm not any good at basketball and i don't listen to rap
by Ska Fiend May 02, 2005
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