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1. People who affect ghetto manners, clothing, and speech to such a degree that their speech and methods of expression are incomprehensible to the average person. 2. Affecting ghetto culture to the point that it looks, and sounds, ridiculous.
"I told the wigger with the grill in his mouth, 'Quit being a ghettotard!'"
by Six_gun_samurai July 23, 2008
1. Getting mad enough that you throw your own feces at a person or thing. 2. Mad enough to go crazy and wail one's arms about, like an angry monkey. This usually involves throwing shit at something.
"Did you see the outdoor concert last weekend? It got pretty gross."
"Yeah, some crazy motherfuckers were going full monkey and threw their shit at the stage."
by Six_gun_samurai November 02, 2011
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