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4 definitions by Sir Saula

1. Top Notch Female
2. A Female that will hit a nigga for her nigga
3. A Female that does not bite her tongue
4. A Female that knows how and when to fuck her man right
5. Still stays classy
Man lil kesha my gutta bitch
by Sir Saula July 17, 2008
307 143
(n.) Street term for Ecstasy

term made popular by rappers Trai D, Hood Boss
She said her body filled with that x pill
by Sir Saula July 17, 2008
24 15
The act of beating up someone, or a girl

Bro, chill out before i go Chris Brown on you!
by Sir Saula February 09, 2009
147 156
The Dougie is a dance made famous by Lil Wil

Dougie means PENIS or DICK in the song not his dam hair cut; also means swagga

She said she like my dougie im fresh my dougie.

I know the maker of the song personally so take my word.

My Dougie is a Dallas Dance Song
She said she like my dougie im fresh my dougie
by Sir Saula October 28, 2008
35 87