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During the act of munging the HMIC is the participant whom delivers the blow to the mungee. The HMIC is also refered to as the driver of the cart during the act of electric munging
The Head Munger In Charge climbed on top of the tomb stone and jumped off and delivered such a blow that mung butter squirted with letal force covering the entire graveyard.
by Sir Mungs Alot September 15, 2008
A Gorilla Fart is an alcoholic drink procured at a busy bar. It is made by taking the pour mat that the bartender has been pouring drinks over all night and pouring the liquid that has runoff or spilled into it in a glass. This random concoction that varys greatly in consisterncy from bar to bar is what is known as a Gorilla Fart.
Last night the bar had $1 well drinks on special. The Gorilla Fart that the pour mat produced at the end of the night from all of that cheap liquor had me calling dinosaurs all night and next morning!
by Sir Mungs Alot February 01, 2009
Orange Blastaphon is an alcoholic beverage consisting of three ingredients. It is 3 parts Crystal Weiss beer and one part gin and one part Fresca, Wink, or Squirt. Sounds terrible but it is actually refreshingly delicious.
Last night Jim made Dave and I Orange Blastaphons and then we went out and got Gorilla Farts at the bar to thank us for letting him use our hatchet for his fire pit and to celebrate Tim coming out of the closet and finally admiting his ultra gayness.
by Sir Mungs Alot February 19, 2009

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