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College slang term that refers to the act of vomiting; a play on the sound that one emits during regurgitation.
Freddie drank a fifth of tequila and spent the rest of the night calling dinosaurs from the bathroom.
by Mr. T-Jay April 28, 2003
violent vomiting usually (but not always) accompanied by some sort of vocalization. Usually associated with the overindulgence of alcohol.
Tabitha was in the bathroom calling dinosaurs because she drank too much.

That party was off the hook, I drank so much I called dinosaurs.
by sinister sam February 03, 2010
vomiting (think of the sound you make)
Dean: What the hell were you doing in there for so long?

Terry: Oh man, we got wasted last night, I've been calling dinosaurs all morning.
by brockstud41 November 15, 2007
the sound made when throwing up after drinking profusely
Dude, after you finished that bottle of vodka you were calling dinosaurs the rest of the night
by 08maderr February 15, 2009
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