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When a man gets his panties in a wad an overreacts.
Carl your always overyacting, take a minute and think before you call me a liar next time and I won't overyact and purge your ass.
#overacted #teste #torqued #exagerrated #overdo
by Sir Howeird FVV November 01, 2009
What Would Sonny (Barger) Do
WWSD-Sonny Barger's Quotes:

* "For a certain kind of chick, it was an honor to get fucked by a bunch of Hell's Angels."

* "You got your Red Wings by eating a girl on her period and your Black Wings by eating a black girl."

* "We go out of our way to make sure the women who either go out on runs with us, visit our clubhouse, or just associated with us feel 100% safe. Touch a Hell's Angels' old lady and you risk the wrath of not only the member but the entire club."

* "Everywhere the Hell's Angels went, we'd outdrink, outfuck and outfight everybody"
#wwsa #wwsf #wwsr #wwst #wwse
by Sir Howeird FVV January 19, 2010
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