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The best emotronic band that ever exsisted. Their music is great for dancing, singing, screaming, crying, and cutting to!

The lead vocals are sung by David who is my future husband.
Kyle who does the screaming is going to be my best friend.
Taco: Why are you crying?

Jordan: I love Breathe Carolina so much.. I miss Will.
#breathe #carolina #jordan #emotronic #band
by Sincerely Jordan September 22, 2008
A term defining what happens when Trinket Taco accidently steps on a cat or an orange, and a ridiculous fart occurs.
Taco: I'm going to go to my Mom's room
Jordan: Okay *On phone with Rene*
Taco: * Steps on Tiger*
Taco: I stepped on a cat and I farted!
Jordan: *dies laughing*
#taco #trinket #cat #fart #stepped
by Sincerely Jordan September 22, 2008
What seems to happen when Sincerely Jordan spends the night and Trinket Tacos house with Rene Mercury. Manly naming the incident after having pizza and bread sticks in her room. Hours in the bathroom screaming UUURRGHHH and holding on to the side wall for dear life.

Apparently preperation H is supposed to help, god knows why, and Mrs. Wallace provided some, and Trinket Tacos instructions were to "shove it up your blow hole.
After having the pizza and breadsticks, I had Explosive Diarrhea and Trinket Taco and Rene Mercury laughed at me.
#explosive #diarrhea #taco #jordan #horrid
by Sincerely Jordan September 22, 2008
A word that can be put in front of any word you want and it becomes amusing. It can be used as an adjective to describe anything.
Taco makes me feel all kinds of irrelevant.

Samantha looks so irrelevant today.
#ireleavant #weird #jordan #jordanism #crazy
by Sincerely Jordan September 22, 2008
One of the worst books I have ever read. It had horrible grammer and the majority of the novela did not mak sense. A big retard and his skinny friend work on a ranch. The retard kilss a puppy and a girl by petting them and shaking them too rough. The skinny friend shoots the retard to save him from jail.

How depressing. Thank god it was only 105 pages long. Don't read it.
Colleen: Do you want to read Of Mice and Men with me?
Jordan: *Sets self on fire*
#mice #men #novela #suck book #dumb book
by Sincerely Jordan September 22, 2008
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