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A band consisting of David Schmitt and Kyle Even. They create dance/techno music with some screaming vocals by Kyle. Regular singing by David. As of 2008 they have released an independent EP and their debut album "It's Classy, Not Classic" on Rise Records.
Breathe Carolina is basically amazing.
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by KiLlErCaLaMaRi October 04, 2008
A Electronic, and screamo band.
Which lyrics are very sexual.
Nothing close to emo.
Johnny: What are you dancing to Jeff?

Jeff: Breathe Carolina, Duhhh! This music so good i could bang a chick listening to it.
#sex #electronic #breathe #carolina #sexual
by Getttin some :) March 30, 2009
The best emotronic band that ever exsisted. Their music is great for dancing, singing, screaming, crying, and cutting to!

The lead vocals are sung by David who is my future husband.
Kyle who does the screaming is going to be my best friend.
Taco: Why are you crying?

Jordan: I love Breathe Carolina so much.. I miss Will.
#breathe #carolina #jordan #emotronic #band
by Sincerely Jordan September 22, 2008
The coolest band ever. They have their own genre. Kyle, is there nicest member. Josh, is there pretty member. and then there is some guy who helps them out, but isn't known. Also David, is there most 'oh, i'm so cool' member, who's mean.
girl 1; I saw breathe carolina's concert yesterday.
girl 2; oh, did david even come out to talk to people afterwards.
girl 1; what do you think?
girl 2; aha, oh. NO.
#band #music #david #kyle #josh
by mew. January 23, 2009
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