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Pretaining only to things or people that are so fantastically homosexual that they are considered to be one of the most homosexual things on this planet.
Wow, his performance was literally fagtastic.
That man is incredibly fagtastic.
by Simply February 09, 2005
If you really don't know what to say and/or you are in the middle of either making up something or trying to remember what you about to say, this vocal contortion is emitted.
"Hey, um, can I go to the drug store?"
"I, um, went to the, um, bowling alley"
by Simply February 15, 2005
This is when a Mexican dude drinks a lot of tequila, pisses in your eye, and it stings like a jalapeno.
I'm fucking give you a jalapeno wink if you don't chill that shit out.
by Simply February 09, 2005
When your ass is gaping wide, captivated, and a donkey ejaculates into your asshole and when it pulls it out, it's all like cheese and special sauce.
What a nasty, dirty, bitch! She got DelRealed!
by Simply February 09, 2005
When you get extremely fat over the summer, even though you have a dad that's in the military and makes you run around and shit, by eating 20 pounds of beef in 2 minutes flat, and proceeding to clean the stock at the nearest MacDonalds, and also, become the virtual dungeon master.
Jesus fucking christ! That fucker got whalsed!
by Simply February 09, 2005
1. A prostitute that is african american.
2. Chocolate stored on or in the body of a prostitute over some given time.
3. Chocolate fed from the belly button of a prostitute.
4. A prostitute's feces, usually in some sick fetish, eaten by the buyer.
That is a hoe-chocolate.(1)
Are you going to eat some hoe-chocolate? (2,3,4)
Damn, that bitch is nasty! She got hoe-chocolate all over my rug!(4)
by Simply February 09, 2005
This is when your get stomped on so bad, your legs invert, and your eyes bug out, like crickets and shit.
"Damn, did you see the kid after the fight? He looked all Jones'd and shit, god damn"
by Simply February 09, 2005

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