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To ostensibly ask someone for a favour when in reality you are just informing them that you're going to do what you want regardless.

Comes from the fact that when you say to your neighbours "We're having a loud party Saturday night, if that's alright" it really means "We're having a loud party Saturday night."
"Fred just party asked me to borrow my lawnmower. He'd already gotten it from the shed!"
#party #ask #tell #neighbour #favour #favor
by Simbera July 05, 2007
Person who is in a relationship. Generally entails extending the 'not cheating' philosophy to pointing out hot girls to their friends, going to strip clubs, watching porn, making sexist jokes, etc. Similar to being whipped but not as derogatory.
"Hey dude, did you see that girl in the bikini?"
"Nah dude, I'm a focused individual"

"You coming to Goldfingers tonight?"
"Are you kidding? I'm a focused individual, remember?"
#whipped #relationship #cheating #fidelity #girlfriend
by Simbera May 08, 2007
A portmanteau with some tmesis for extra kick.
"I abso-freaking-loved Hot Fuzz!"
"It's like abso-loved, but better"
"That's like a portmanteau, but with tmesis. Portmantmesis. I like it."

I'm so sick of Wiki-fucking-pedia.

I was so stressed out I got desti-fucking-nesia at work today. (from Destinesia)
#portmanteau #tmesis #frankenword #compound word #neologism
by Simbera September 13, 2008
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