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A word to define a wonderful friend. Sweet, funny, sarcastic, but GREAT and beautiful.
I love my Mimi, 300sixty rocks!
by Silk November 22, 2004
A retard who enjoys playing with his rather small penis
BigMattTheHobo is a fool
by SILK September 27, 2003
A term of endearment for Michael. Pet name or said while under the influence of alcohol.
Mikuhlllll I love you!
by Silk November 22, 2004
A cross between a feeble roar and a yawn, commonly used by idiots of no definable race or gender
yawr, Im a tired idiot of no definable race or gender
by Silk March 18, 2004
An expression used frequently by JA members
No discernible meaning
Owned by derp
Person 1: Yeah dude that was sweet.

Person 2: m00

Person 1: WTF?
by Silk February 20, 2005
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