30 definitions by Sid

cram up, just before the examinations.
number kaise nahin milega... raat bhat magga jo mara hoon..
by sid June 27, 2004
People who wear green collared shirts, with the collar popped, are looking for a sex partner.
Diane: Hey, Jim is wearing a green shirt with a popped collar... I'll invite him over!
by Sid July 02, 2005
White man with dread-locks who thinks he's of Tai descent.
ras bambaclaat
by sid December 09, 2003
A hyper, insane, obnoxious, funny, teenage punk rocker who is immature and loves making a fool out of everything. (very easily amused).
"mole! MOLE! you thilly goose BOINGER!"
by Sid September 01, 2003
aka b. ROPER
Hey look, there goes felchy givin' a blumpkin again.
by SID November 13, 2003
White man with dread-locks who thinks of Tai descent.
Listen to that ting-tong trying to speak with the local folk.
by sid December 09, 2003
One who uses inhalants to get high.
by sid August 11, 2003

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