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2 definitions by SiXiXiX

A tomato juice and dried clam broth cocktail, Kermato is a Clamato knockoff produced by Nestlé México for sale in Mexico. Clamato -- produced by Motts -- is also processed and bottled in Mexico. Nonetheless, Kermato is more available than Clamato in Mexico; it is also less expensive and doesn't taste as good. Restaurants and bars in Mexico will freely substitute Kermato for Clamato without first consulting with the patron as to whether or not this substitution is acceptable.
I ordered a Pacifico with Clamato and the waiter brought me a Corona with Kermato instead.
by SiXiXiX May 28, 2007
A malapropism spoken frequently by a stupid bitch who infamously shit out octuplets on the government dole (AKA "Octomom", "Nadya Suleman").
While describing the circumstances surrounding her firing the nannies for whose services she was not paying:

"Honestly, all of that is a joke; all of that is beyond catastrophized."

While describing a 911 phone call where she repeatedly proclaimed that she was going to kill herself:

"It's completely catastrophized. I was running around the backyard of my house and in the house looking for him..."
by SiXiXiX March 26, 2009