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See fox news for more information. Toned down for the British who can't eat the pure BS on Fox.
Occasionally has a good story, as long as it doesn't interfer with Fox News agenda.
by Si July 21, 2004
a clit rub
i gave her poon a quick melv
by si October 14, 2003
gnorted, an attempt to say snorted, while snorting, trying not to puke
thig igh nothing, ive gnorted gnaghetti befoor
by si November 19, 2003
A longer version of the well-known 'extended', simply defines as being longer near to infinity, etc. Not quite infinity but almost there....
He extendended the length of rubber to a catastrophic length near to infinity.
by si November 18, 2003
Someone that is as cool and funny as Helen Aldaco.
You rock!!
You totally rock!!
by Si October 08, 2004
A modest bloke who is a gr8 fan of pies. Loves his dog, and everthin else in life.
A horny-rapist who hangs round 6th form college!!! Watch your back ppl!!!
by si November 18, 2003
Dirty sub human scum who avoid paying taxes, litter our highways with bags of human shit and live in cavavans which are parked on any avaible piece of land i.e roundabouts, laybys, local parks etc. Are good friends with local councils and police forces as they are kindly left to their on devices in uk towns. A human gene that needs to be exterminated before their race gets out of hand. On parr with asylum seekers.
Ipswich, Stowmarket and Renendlesham forrest. Basically all over Suffolk
by Si March 06, 2004

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