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4 definitions by ShutterbugDW

More than dust, less than dirt.
This piano is covered with dirst.
The place feels so. . .dirsty.
I'm afraid if I wipe with a damp cloth the dirst will turn to mud.
by Shutterbugdw December 24, 2009
9 1
A little piece of poop that didn't make it down on the first flush.
Come back here and flush again, there's some shitsam in the toilet.
by ShutterbugDW December 24, 2009
3 0
Turds discharged into the ocean through a scupper, a sewer discharge hole in the side of a naval vessel.
Hey newbie, come here and see the school of scupper trout.
I hope this ship can move fast enough to leave the scupper trout behind.
When a ship is "dead in the water" the last thing you want to see are scupper trout surrounding the ship.
by shutterbugdw December 25, 2009
0 0
When you get a right answer by pulling the answer out of your ass.
I had no idea what the answer was so I made a wild-assed guess and it was right . . . Correctum!
by Shutterbugdw May 01, 2010
2 4