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More than dust, less than dirt.
This piano is covered with dirst.
The place feels so. . .dirsty.
I'm afraid if I wipe with a damp cloth the dirst will turn to mud.
by Shutterbugdw December 24, 2009
A little piece of poop that didn't make it down on the first flush.
Come back here and flush again, there's some shitsam in the toilet.
by ShutterbugDW December 24, 2009
Turds discharged into the ocean through a scupper, a sewer discharge hole in the side of a naval vessel.
Hey newbie, come here and see the school of scupper trout.
I hope this ship can move fast enough to leave the scupper trout behind.
When a ship is "dead in the water" the last thing you want to see are scupper trout surrounding the ship.
by shutterbugdw December 25, 2009
When you get a right answer by pulling the answer out of your ass.
I had no idea what the answer was so I made a wild-assed guess and it was right . . . Correctum!
by Shutterbugdw May 01, 2010

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