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Naval term for loose woman, tart, slut
Man, who was that scupper I saw you with last night
by Brett The Fish May 09, 2006
To spoil (especially someone's plans).
I was going to go as a pirate, but Billy scuppered my plans by getting the last costume in the shop.
by Geater January 14, 2008
When a man leans forward, legs apart and has his nackers slapped from side to side by another person.
When Jeremy bent forward, he was scuppered by Tony.
by Spike Morrison May 02, 2006
scupper, used to describe women who wander around all day indoors and outdoors in their pyjamas, dressing gowns and slippers,

mainly found in the north of england on council estates
julie was a right scupper and one day she found she was banned from the supermarket for being, a scupper
by pixielulu May 29, 2010
Piratey word for fuck.
Oh scupper! I just lost that swordfight.
by Booty April 29, 2004
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