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One of the greatest wrestlers of the past 25 years. He is currently working in the WWE and is greatly missused because people in the WWE who are top stars know he is better than them, so they still his spot. He has unbeleivable mic skills with the wrestling skills to match. He returned to the ring in november 2007 from a 2 year absence from wrestling. His nickname is Y2J and he is a future hall of famer.
Dude did you see Chris Jericho beat the shit out of that guy?
by Shullit May 11, 2008
After you're done fuckin your girl, you shit on her pubes or vice versa and use it as shaving cream and shave them off.
Dude, after I nailed Judy i totally gave her a huge louisiana lawnmower
by Shullit May 11, 2008
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