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when a person from the ghetto gets money, he or she tends to buy expensive things that any other rich person would not. such things and such people are ghetto fabulous.
that lowered '74 cutlass supreme on dubs sure is ghetto fabulous.
by shmee April 30, 2003
1. Sasij is a word deriving from Sausage, and is used interchangably with "dumbass."
2. Your cack.
1. That guy is a freakin sasij! 2. I'm gonna whip out my sasij, and cack-slap you!
by Shmee December 14, 2004
an unfairly dire state of affairs
"it's complete worstatiousness over at my house"
by shmee June 14, 2003
Prefered weapon by the "Elite" players of "The Specialists" Half-Life modification.
"Damn! Nash pwnz with the Boomstick!"
by Shmee November 13, 2003
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