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The bureaucrats (usually men) in the Government who make you go "GAH" every time you have a reasonable request denied because of red tape.

Derived from "government"
The Gahmen refused to allow us to carry out urgent repairs on our building until two weeks later because of the mandatory 2 weeks waiting period.
by Shizuma January 30, 2008
"this is not a drill message" -- implying the following messages are not simulation or exercise related message but of vital and usually life/death importance
"Charlie one five, Zulu four zero, no duff message, Zimmerman is down, Zimmerman is down"

"Zulu four zero, charlie one five, medic on the way"
by Shizuma April 15, 2008
Unknown to Internet users, Mozilla is, in fact, the not-so-irradiated cousin of Godzilla.

Where Godzilla has incredible strength, Mozilla itself is frequently frustrated by websites designed only for the dreaded Internet Explorer.

Currently Mozilla has a disowned child: the Seamonkey, which split from it while they were living together as a big happy family with Godzilla and Mozilla.
I was surfing the information superhighway safely and happily with Mozilla when *bang*, I slammed into a website designed only for Internet Explorer. Immediately, I left in disgust
by Shizuma April 07, 2008
A dedicated news channel to giving people bad news.

It is available in various media, including the Internet, video and television.
Andy sighed as the Gloomberg news anchor read out Friday's employment statistics. More people were unemployed than ever in the last ten years!
by Shizuma April 07, 2008
An environmentally friendly, totally non-radioactive variant of the hugely unpopular H-Bomb.

Goes *plop* on detonation instead of *kaboom*, and the payload is extremely beneficial to plant life.

Also, it is easy to construct using a mere plastic bag and lots of di-hydrogen monoxide.
After they dropped that 20 Kiloton H2O bomb on Saudi Arabia, Oasises started sprouting everywhere! It's incredible!
by Shizuma April 14, 2008
Government of Singapore, Incorporated. A shadowy organization of men and women of all races, in non-descript, government-mandated black or grey suits.

Their net worth is unknown, modus operandi mysterious. GIC has recently pumped close to US$9billion into tanking Swiss bank Credit Suisse, in exchange for convertible notes.

GIC has started being more 'transparent' of late, showing the public some facets of itself.
"Oh ho! Your bank is failing, mate?" The Australian bank CEO was surprised at the shadow the man in grey suit and sunglasses cast over his supine body on the beach.

Despite the unseasonably hot weather, the man was barely perspiring.

"THE GIC is going to make you an offer you can't refuse..." the man said.
by Shizuma April 07, 2008
Rioters News is a main provider of bad news to the world, along with Gloomberg and also APE News.

Unlike the other news channels, Rioters news provides news only in print/form. Not very useful if you are by5Lexi)
Richard was totally bummed when Rioters news told him the whole neighbourhood of his vacation home in Florida had been ripped apart by a hurricane.
by Shizuma April 07, 2008

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