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Slang reference to Vancouver, Washington or Vancouver, B.C.
"Yo man, we straight up from the Couv."
by Shizain July 07, 2006

1. A slang/street reference to a trick/date/ho/significant other, that does not require large sums of cash or continuous finanical expenditures to retain their interest. This individual is low maintenance fiscally speaking.

2. A slang/street reference to a ho that is of a lower caliber - whether that be in looks, attire, number of stds, or overall performance - thus making her cheap. This term can also be used for females who are more promiscuous than expected.
"Man, my new girl is a cheap ho. All I have to do is buy her some Popeyes and we straight be gettin it on".

"I would never mess around with that skank again, she's a cheap ho fo' sho.
by Shizain July 29, 2006

1. A slang/street reference to the variety of skanks/hos/sluts/whores which congregate around bus stations in cities and suburbs.

2. A slang/street reference to a lower class of sluts/skanks who either deserve less pay or are more willing to service a wider range of clientel with lower standards.
"Did you see that ho? She was a straight bus station skank"
by Shizain July 08, 2006

A slang/street reference to any individual with a less than desirable appearance. A person does not have to be promiscuous or a female to elicit the use of this term, they must simply be unattractive.
"Man GP, that sucka was an ugly ho"
by Shizain July 29, 2006

A slang/street reference to any variety of skanks/hos/whores, who are used for the sole purpose of casual fornication, which only takes place when the female individual's face is covered with no less than ten paper bags (at least 60% recycled materials preferred) to hide her grossly deformed and grotesque face.
"That ho is a straight ten bagger...but I'd still hit it."
"Yo Zyrel, go get me 10 post-consumer recycled paper bags".
by Shizain July 23, 2006

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