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In investment jargon a stock that goes up in price ten-fold. Thus, a stock purchased for one dollar will be a ten bagger for that investor when it reaches ten dollars. There is also such thing as a two bagger, three bagger, and so on.
My shares in xyz became a ten bagger in less than two years after I bought them.
by Gonzalo Leon April 14, 2006

A slang/street reference to any variety of skanks/hos/whores, who are used for the sole purpose of casual fornication, which only takes place when the female individual's face is covered with no less than ten paper bags (at least 60% recycled materials preferred) to hide her grossly deformed and grotesque face.
"That ho is a straight ten bagger...but I'd still hit it."
"Yo Zyrel, go get me 10 post-consumer recycled paper bags".
by Shizain July 23, 2006
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