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Slang or short form for a Gujarati person; an individual from the Indian state of Gujurat. Use of the term is typically not considered taboo, although it can be used in a derogatory manner. It is often used self-referentially by other "gujjus".
"Did you know that Arjun is dating some gujju girl?"

"Gujjus can't do bhangra, yar!"

"Gujju pride!"
by Thalia2008 January 04, 2008
"Gujju" is short for a Gujarati person from the state of Gujrat, India.
That Gujju was so stingy with his money, I swear I saw a tear run down his face when he handed that dollar over to the casheir.
by actionjackson17 January 08, 2011
i description of a gujarati person, a black man would be called a 'nigger' a white man would be called 'honky' and a gujarati man would be called 'gujju'

word created by Ankush
Wassup Myy Gujju

Wagwan myy Gujju
by Ankush September 26, 2005
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