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def. The act of defecating upon another's facial region, visage, or depiction.

A specific threat meant to coerce others into doing one's bidding.

alternative forms: face-shat
His face looked so clean and unblemished, I felt the need to shit upon it.

God, I'm sure in a face-shitting mood today!

If you don't (make me a sandwich, write me that essay, etc.) right this instant I'm going to shit on your face!
by ShitRipper December 03, 2010
(n.) One who acts like a total d-bag, but only does so to satiate their perverted intentions.
Person 1: Dude, why did you kick all those babies?

Person 2: I enjoy watching them cry/ It gets me hard/ Their squirming bodies look awesome when they're in pain/ How do you get off?

Person 1: Wow, you're a fuckin' pervdick...
by ShitRipper December 03, 2010

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