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What you say to dum people that are getting in your bizness or messing with stuff they dont need to be messin with.
(thinking they know somthing when they dont )
Bill: LMAO I bet she dumped you cus u were a cheap ass!
Nick: Man Dont be dipping in the koolaid when you dont know the flavor.
by sheirdog December 10, 2008
1.A spanish word for poop
3.nastyness that will grow in a room if lived in by a lazy teen that never does annything phycical and only plays on his computer.
4.from bevis and butthead do america. (bevis)"peepeecaca peepeecaca"
5.a term meaning really dirty examples<use yout dirty imaginations>
Lazy Kid's Friend-(walks in friends room)"wtf is that caca under your bed?!"

Lazy Kid-I dont care.

Lazy Kids Friend-WOA!! I think its moving!!!
by sheirdog April 16, 2008
What you say to someone that is getting on your nerves.
Bill: Hey Nick why you being stupid.
Nick: Man get off my bird.
by Sheirdog December 10, 2008

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