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When something backfires in your face; getting screwed over

"Bishoped" works hand in hand with the idiom "slapped in the face"

The term originated from the slap a Bishop gives one during their confirmation to remind them of the persecution they will have to suffer for Christ.
I drove 30 miles to a store to find out it was out of business. I got bishoped
by Sheepel December 26, 2012
A website that makes sense of the degradation of the English language
I have no idea what that ignorant moron was babbling about, so I had to use urbandictionary.com to translate it.
by Sheepel July 18, 2011
For something to be amazing; consistently satisfactory
Jerry: Have you tried that new burrito at Taco Bell?
Bob: YES! It's bae all day!
by Sheepel February 07, 2015
The God of all cheeses.
Chèvre (french for goat) is a soft goat cheese made in France. It is especially delicious when mixed with fresh herbs such as chives, served on a toasted garlic rubbed baguette with slices of soppressata on top
Has your father bought the chèvre yet? We need to make those baguettes!
by Sheepel December 29, 2014
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