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laugh hearty enough to separate ass from body
"Oh shit Peechi! You hitting tha door was ass-off laugh funny!!" squealed Monika.

"Dude! Where's my ass?" added Erika.
by She Snailie _@_v September 23, 2004
Idealized non-regional non-ethnic young to mid-aged housewifey type often seen and heard in corporate advertising?

From old Montgomery Wards department store jingles and ad campaigns.
OMFG the Montgomery Wards Lady is now shilling those DVD rental kiosks!!!!!

You can't DVD smarter!
by She Snailie _@_v September 23, 2004
(1) AKA cigarette smoking man. WGB Spender from the X-files or any similar MIB.

(2) Any anonymous secretive government official.
Never accept a ride in a Crown Victoria from Smokey Guy. If you do FOLLOW HIM INTO THE STORE if he insists you wait in the car while he gets another pack of smoke.
by She Snailie _@_v September 23, 2004
to search through numbered files in an internet directory progressively by adding up or regressively by subtracting down from a starting point.
Every so often I'll walk through the nearly endless collection of vintage postcards archived at moviebillia.com

I think it's up to 50000.jpg by now
by She Snailie _@_v September 28, 2004
America Online - That ISP everyone says they hate and pretends they don't use - fuinny how it's one of the biggest ISPs around...
Geeze Peechi, you're still using Almost Online?

Hey! It lets me know if my TCP/IP is working...
by She Snailie _@_v September 23, 2004

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