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Much like an aenema (fist in the ass) but with the pee hole. Usually done with a size 12 sneaker.
fag - HOLY SHIT DOC that fuckin hurt!!
doctor - boo hoo bitch want his bottle?..take the urenima like a lumberjack and stop being such a fuck.
by Shatbox January 25, 2005
1) the place (usually a box) where a cat does his buisness.
2) outhouse
Whoa that chili is ripping my ass like mad, where the shit is the shatbox????
by Shatbox January 25, 2005
A pepperoni (dick) that is so large it is assoiciated with a black man's wang chung.
"Dang homie, Fred ripped apart that chick last night with his niggeroni....then he filled her butt with pepperoni"
by Shatbox March 18, 2005
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