3 definitions by Shanee`

1. to be completely out going and loud.
2. to have the ability to stand on stage and be heard.
3. to understand everything without learning about it.
4. to have a best friend named Lindsey.
5. to be known by unknown people.
6. to have humor out the wazoo.
wow, you are really a shanee kind of person!
by Shanee` May 23, 2008
To be in a super duper fantastic mood. To have a strange curiosity that makes you addicted to the site of monkeys.
I was in a real piper mood today, we got to see a live monkey in Zoology!
I was really piper about the new girl down the street.
by Shanee` May 23, 2008
1. any opening in the head that can make and or hear sound.
I had lines from thats shakespeare play coming out my wazoo!
by Shanee` May 23, 2008

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