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3 definitions by Shane Arnold

a shithead, shitsleeve, shitbum, asshole, dickface, etc.
Yo, asswipe, get your hands off my sister!
by Shane Arnold March 29, 2005
asswipe, shithead, shitbum, asshole, dickhead, ect.
Can you believe that shitsleeve sold his car for Motley Crue tickets?
by Shane Arnold March 29, 2005
uncool, underhanded, selfish
Your roommate owes you over $300 bucks back rent and he has the nerve to go out and buy an XBOX? Dude, that's so bald.

(also used with "did or doing")

Tony told your fiance about what happened at the bachelor party. Man he did you bald.


Your girlfriend is screwing the whole wrestling squad, she's totally doing you bald, man.
by Shane Arnold March 29, 2005