asswipe, shithead, shitbum, asshole, dickhead, ect.
Can you believe that shitsleeve sold his car for Motley Crue tickets?
by Shane Arnold March 29, 2005
The inner rectal cavity immediately past the anus. The lowest portion of the colon before the sphincter.
I stuck my cock up her tight ass and reamed out her shitsleeve last night.
by Slippery Jack January 04, 2006
The rectal wall
Man, my shit sleeve has been backed up for weeks!
by Richard Hawkins May 22, 2004
When it's cold outside and you gotta go lay some cable, and when you finish and wipe that shit up the sleeve of the sweater your moms knitted you gets some unwanted secondary ass wiping action.
Dude 1: Dude, I just hung one out and when I was wiping my turd cutter things got messy... check out my Shit Sleeve!

Dude 2: Dude, that's nasty, change that shit out and let's go get some tacos.
by ritchie3fingers June 03, 2010

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