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1. A high quality bud of marijuana.
2. The Dank.
3. See ganja.
Gayle packed her last nug into the bowl and smoked it on the way to work.
by Shamus February 06, 2003

1. A cute innocent looking girl that is a maniac in bed.
2. That sweetheart in the HR department who you know would hump you raw given the opportunity.
3. A virginal, often religous, girl who grew up in the country sheltered by her mother that turns into a complete nympho in bed late in high school.
Oh man I love that Elissa, I bet shes a total Fuck Bunny!
by Shamus February 06, 2003

1. A line of cocaine cut up on a table, preferably a mirror.
Julie blasted a couple of rails before heading to the party.
by Shamus February 06, 2003

A large smelly turd.

(inspired by the classic movie monster from Clash of the Titans. release the cracken!)
Jim could feel a cracken emerging from his colon so he rushed to the bathroom to make a deposit.

by Shamus June 13, 2003
someone who cant handle their booze
man u haven't drunk a thing arer you a biket or sumthin???
by shamus March 26, 2005
When one is having sex with a woman from behind. At the point of orgasm, you then grab the woman by the hair and push her head through the sheet rock of the wall. This act causes the woman to tense up increasing the vaginal tightness.
I found out my girlfriend was cheating on me so I ostritch fucked the bitch.
by Shamus November 05, 2004

1. The same thing as Carbon Fiber but more fun to say.
Julie is about as smart as a Farbon Ciber rod.
by Shamus February 06, 2003
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