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it is primarily "purple haze." from uptown NYC.
sheist bub invented that pif
by Shake Dog April 17, 2005
any bitch/whore/ho is also referred to as a kooze
your girl is a dum kooze
by Shake Dog April 17, 2005
it refers to slapping a koofi, yarmulkah or other religious garb off. The disrespect is due to one's clouded religious beliefs being literally smacked off their stupid heads. 'na mean?
Jimmy Jones is that real deal Koofi smacker. Ma$e better watch out...
by Shake Dog April 17, 2005
weed, chronic, etc....
we smokin that grefa tonite sunnyjim
by Shake Dog April 17, 2005
as opposed to saying "nigger" say ziggin. it does not have racial connotations but is used in similiar sentence structure
whatup my ziggin, you chillin?
them ziggins is wild as hell
by Shake Dog April 17, 2005

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