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Originally meant "To act drunk"
Has recently become a revolutionary internet cult, Zlal now means all that is stoned, strange or discombobulated.
20:31:23 @Shadowlurker: Zlal. Pure Zlal.
by Shadowlurker July 09, 2003
The best unreal series mapping site out there. Contains all the best maps and has requent reviews on them.
by Shadowlurker September 11, 2004
WinPcap is a port of the Unix libpcap (packet capture) library, which in turn is build on BPF (Berkeley Packet Filter). WinPcap consists of wpcap.dll, which implements the high-level functions, and packet.dll, which is the kernel-mode driver.
Snort (www.snort.org) and Ethereal (www.ethereal.com) both use WinPcap.
by ShadowLurker July 17, 2003
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