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5 definitions by Shadow Oak

A term used in most expansion communities for Breast Expansion, one of the more culturally accepted forms of body manipulation or expansion.
"Woah, Wasn't she flat a day ago"
"either she's padding herself, or she got BE'd"
by Shadow Oak August 26, 2005
94 33
Someone who enjoys the basic instinct of eating, usually by someone feeding them by hand or something.
Best paired with a feeder
The way that guy eats, he might bee a feedee
by Shadow Oak August 26, 2005
76 28
Someone who enjoys watching their partner or people in general eating so much their stomachs bulge out.
Usually best to pair these people up with a Feedee
Man, look at that girl eat, hopefully her boyfriend is a feeder
by Shadow Oak August 26, 2005
59 28
Not to be confused with feedees, they don't get a sexual arousel from eating, but just enjoys the simple pleasure that comes from a full belly.
What happens when you give a glutton a way to have all the food they could ever want?
A foodee
by Shadow Oak August 26, 2005
25 9
an abriviation used by the expansionist enthusiasts, means Belly Expansion, basically where one's belly is expanded, either by air, water, food, or people(which is called vore)
Can be easily be mistakened for Mauesophilia(Don't know if I spelt that correctly...), which is an attraction to pregnant people
The contestant ate so much food that her stomach looked like it was in it's third term of pregnancy.

God that sucked...
by Shadow Oak August 26, 2005
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