72 definitions by Shadow

This tactic is now defunct (like most of the bitches in the gay.com Houston Citywide 1 Chat Room), so it doesn't work anymore.
Chazz is defunct, after he got with nwbttm4u. Johnboistudboi is defunct after he got with half the room. Oh, and iEetGlu is defunct...his mom felt sorry for him so she gave him a quick lick of her dense jungle of a vagina.
by Shadow June 15, 2003
a woMAN lover and double-adapter for animals.
wishes he had "small dick mills"
by Shadow March 24, 2003
a person who THINKS he is good in bed (he is right but only with goats!!!!)
he was crap, he went all venn on me.
by Shadow March 24, 2003
the best counterstrike player(shadow_fax)
omg i just got owned by shadow_fax, damn he's l33t
by shadow February 25, 2004
A girl with a flat butt.
by Shadow April 06, 2003
Wacking; Jagging off. Masterbation.
That hentai makes me went to poonyetah.
by Shadow December 24, 2002
a stupid newbie to a game or other online activity.
That stupid Nub got killed by a level 2 chicken in runescape.
by Shadow April 30, 2003

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