72 definitions by Shadow

a woman's Pubic Hair that grows natural, but is much larger than the ordinary patch. Basically, it looks like a patch bomb went off on her crotch.
That chick had a patch bomb
by shadow October 08, 2003
A guy who looks like Kirk Douglas but has porn star hair
We Called him Rocco because of the hair
by Shadow October 13, 2003
a glasgow and fife known word for poof, or idiot
You ya fuckin choukter
by shadow May 08, 2005
Aquas in his purest form.
dude wtf aqy stop pwning with the shottie you SFIZ
by shadow July 11, 2003
synonomous for piece of shit
Angela won't get off of her ass. What an i-Book!
by Shadow February 12, 2003
Ready to leave and go somewhere else, mode of transport is usually driving
Dude we'll link tomorrow going to lift clutch
by Shadow January 24, 2005
Much like the word shwing. It's basically seeing something or someone hot and popping a woody
He say the girl and got the schlah
by Shadow October 13, 2003

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