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bich hor man fuk intj. Used when something just goes terribly, and confusingly wrong.

(also: bitch whore monkey fuck)
When one is playing Team SWAT and you have your BR on someones head and then his three teammates anally rape you from behind then lob 5 stickys on your teammates and you lose by 20305498345 fucking points. This cues the interjection, "Bitch whore man fuck!"
by Sgt Mayor Bee April 22, 2009
tub'∙bee bait n.
Anything that can be or is used to lure in the tubby by taunting with a food that is terrribly high in fat, usu. by the American government in a order to capture and force them into exercise programs.
Tubby Man: "Hey, do you see a twinkie hanging from that tree?"
Not-tubby Man: "Yes, but be careful! I think that could just be tubby bait!"
Tubby Man: "Oh well, it's about time for my third mid-morning snack anyway."
by Sgt Mayor Bee April 13, 2009

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