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sum no good son of a bitch who cant be a man and take care of his seed.dont want da chick no more cuz she got pregnant but she was wifey before dat. lie bout aint having a job so he cant pay child support.
Yo there go my baby daddy, looking all fly but cant even pay my godd damn child support
by SexyTriniGal December 15, 2003
not a neccessitity, he's just there to be there, does'nt do anything for da girl but cuz her pain. otherwise nice to have when you need someone to cuddle with, but yet again plays too many head games.
There go ur broke ass boyfriend talkin to sum chick go check dat nigga
by SexyTriniGal December 15, 2003
BeanTown as in da Bean, like Boston, Holla
Who you reppin
Bean Town fo sho
Wat you kno bout dat
by SexyTriniGal December 15, 2003

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