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The first band used to combine music and television, as we know it, on a large-scale commercial level, modeled after other bands, creating much controversy in the late sixties.
"hey, hey, we're the Monkees..."
by SexxxySleepyJean July 13, 2004
Psychic ability, psychic connection, experiences of extraordinary feeling, euphoria, or beyond the five senses, mental telepathy. Possibly started by or within the band, The Monkees.
From <i>Mijacogeo</i>:

"Mental telepathy!" Michael says.

"Yeah!" Micky says.

"Oh, you mean that psychedelic stuff...?" Davy asks.

"You know," Michael says, "All the groups are doing it, psycho-jello!"
by SexxxySleepyJean July 13, 2004
Sort of like, "fuck", or "damn", but you can say it in front of children, and on NBC in the 1960's. And, yes, this is from the Monkees. However, this is not how they used it. I would just like to see it get used as a swear word.
Michael: "Oh, Micky, your tire blew", Micky: "Kretch!"
by SexxxySleepyJean December 13, 2004
Michael's Goddess. Michael Nesmith that is, and this goddess is exemplified in his novel The Long Sandy Hair of Neftoon Zamora. This book consists of Michael going on a journey in search of a legend to find the woman he holds a psychic bond to, falling deeply in love, and being questioned and retaught his indentity, beliefs, and emotional understanding of the world, both by Neffie, and other characters in the novel. Neffie is assertive, beautiful, and wise, as well as Michael's completion, and she has an understanding of higher power. Of course, the book ends with airplanes.
Michael Nesmith, thank you.
by SexxxySleepyJean December 13, 2004
Term coined by Micky Dolenz of The Monkees to refer to weed, may also have originated from the character "Frodo" from Lord Of The Rings...
I remember some reference to "Frodis Power" or "Frodo Power", or something to these lines, not totally sure of this one... maybe Micky can elaborate.
by SexxxySleepyJean July 16, 2004

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