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Australians are people that come from and/or live in Australia. They are amazing people with the best males in the world that all the European females (mostly hot ones) would like to have sexual intercourse with. Not to mention the female Australians, who have the best backsides/breasts/everything in the world.

Australians tend to enjoy having a beer, throwing a party around a barbecue, winning in Cricket and the occasional laugh.

If you meet an Australian, be prepared to be greeted in the nicest possible way and make sure you smile back or they will keep their women to them selves, which really isn't such a bad thing.
#1: Them Australians are good people!

#2: Man I wish my countries women were more like the Australians.

#3: I like my men like Australians.

#4: Want another coldie? (An Australian asking their mate if they would like to have another beer)

#5: G'day Mate. (General greeting)
by Sevzor August 28, 2008
An extremely skilled online gamer that is good at almost everything he plays. Except for Halo because it is gay.

He excels in games including: Guitar Hero 3, Call of Duty 4 and Guess Who's Foot during camping trips.

He is considered God-Like in the XBOX gaming community.
#1: Sevzor owned me today online.

#2: I do not wish to cagematch with Sevzor as he will own me.

#3: Sevzor is the man.
by Sevzor August 28, 2008

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