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Small neighborhood convience store, containing groceries, porn mags, drug parapharnilia, malt liquor and cigarettes.Usually the store will have gas OR cheap clothes, though never both. A true Gook Mark is owned by Asian people, but if it has all of the above supplies it still counts.
Man, I need some smokes and underwear, I'm goin' to the Gook Mart. You want anything?

....Yeah, Dude, get me a bong and a box of pop-tarts would ya?
by SeriouslyLiz June 14, 2008
Any sort of Asian language.
The he started yelling in Gookanese.
by SeriouslyLiz June 14, 2008
To engage in sex. To copulate. Can used with "ed" and "ing" suffixes.
Ooh! Look at those squirrels copple!!
Sorry I didnt answer the phone Bill and I were coppling.
by SeriouslyLiz June 14, 2008
Someone you do not view in any kind of sexual way. A plotonic friend. Someone you wouldnt want to picture naked.
Dont tell me about Jerry and Kate doing it!! They fucking Goldfish!
by SeriouslyLiz June 13, 2008
A mustache style wore usually by latin men. Everything is shaved except for a tuft of hair on either upper corner of the mouth.
Juan had very neatly trimmed Spanish Moons.
by SeriouslyLiz June 14, 2008
Similar to a <wet willy>. The diffrence being the moisture on the finger being inserted into one's ear canal is not saliva but instead male seminal fluid from the vagina post intercourse.
I snuggled with Billy after sex as just as he fell alseep I gave him the filthy willy. BOW!!
by SeriouslyLiz June 13, 2008
someone who get fecal matter on their finger and smears it on something.
I gotta go wash the walls again, Helen.
My little Johnny is quite the Poocoso.
by SeriouslyLiz June 14, 2008

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