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A support group for people who are unusually obsessed with Israel for some reason.
Contains both raging leftists and crazy Islamists who just sit around and talk about Israel all day long in Manhattan with American money paying to clean up all the filth that spills out when you open the door.
Why don't they all just move it to Palestine?
The feckless condor circled the U.N. building, looking for the dead Jew.
by Sense December 01, 2004
Another liberal billionaire.
Once married Jane Fonda (after her affair with the Viet Cong).
See George Soros
The lesbian protester was unable to name any Republican billionaires.
by Sense December 02, 2004
Utter nonsense.

A golden cell phone. What crap! My plastic Kyocera looks better than that for cheap. Go buy a Blackberry instead.
Boy: "Dude, what is that?"
Girl: "It's a Vertu."
Boy: "Utter Vertu!"
by Sense December 10, 2004
see "dowding"
see "Fallujah" as well.
Maureen Dowd! What a liberal twit!
by Sense November 30, 2004
A criminal obsession of the truly retarded.

Something people with jobs that matter don't have, because in occupations/industries where it really counts, cameras are security risks.
Every other clueless wannabe has one though.
Michael complained about the pictures on his camera phone, when they turned out to be way below yearbook quality.
"I thought I was getting an SLR!" he lamented.
by Sense December 10, 2004
A relationship between two people defined by extreme politeness, and an aversion to offense of and kind-real or perceived.
Superficial, this may or may not lead to deeper friendship.
Marc pondered on the high level of policy in his relationship with Chesterfield. They bent over backwards to be nice to each other.
by Sense December 02, 2004
1.Commonly mis-described as the absence of war by people who delude themselves to be working toward it.
Their ideological forbears momentarily turned to group rug-shags to achieve it, but failed miserably after AIDS began to spread shortly thereafter. So then they blamed the CIA and Reagan for both AIDS and war.
Presently, many such people blame some combination of George W. Bush, Americans, White people in general, Jews and Christians for its "absence" in the world.
It's something that quite frankly, never existed, and probably never will with humans in charge.

2. Something heavily promoted by French and German oil companies.
The deluded peace protestor travelled to Iraq to be a human shield. Patiently, she sat in the hot Baghdad sun, two meters away from Saddam's rape rooms, where undoubtedly peace was being promoted. Peace that involved another kind of bush altogether.
by Sense December 02, 2004

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