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Not close to human, not far from retardation. An awkward stoplight that does the "truffle shuffle" to the tune of Happy Feet.
Dude this stoplight is being a complete Sineni right now.
by sennsagay June 26, 2009
A large pile of snow usually originating from the Yukon
Dude I just dug a tunnel under that big horstman over there.
by sennsagay June 26, 2009
The act of getting someone to partake in sexual activities usually consisting of salad tossing, tea-bagging, dirty Harrying, and/or the use of a big black dildo sprayed with axe body spray.
Dude you should have Amy Jump Ur Bones tonight.

Dude isn't it great when girls be Jumpin Ur Bones for no reason.

Bryan is so gay because Amy wanted to Jump His Bones but he didn't cheat on his girlfriend.
by Sennsagay August 08, 2009
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