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Game where when a guy sees a chick he thinks is hot he calls marco, if the rest of the guys with him agree they will call polo
Guy 1: Marco!
Guys 2-5: Polo!
Guy 1: Yo JJ this game is fucking awesome! Thanks for introducing us to the REAL marco polo
by Senior Suave August 26, 2009
n: a scary looking vagina
Man this chick i was gonna hook up with last night had such a scary beaver that i almost threw up just looking at it
by Senior Suave July 14, 2009
n: when the lips of a womans vagina are so loose and long, that they resemble capes that a super hero may wear.
this chick was so loose that her capes were flapping in the wind.
by Senior Suave July 14, 2009
a name you give to any D.U.F.F. (Designated Ugly Fat Friend). call her Hillary as in Hillary DUFF. they wont get it and you can keep calling them fat without them knowing.
To the girl who looks like a Hillary Duff: Hey girl you look like a Hillary!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
by Senior Suave July 17, 2009
The act of finding empty cardboard boxes and old newspapers to use to stay warm while camping out before big sporting events
Nick: Ah shit man are you going hobo??

Random Guy: Yea man

Nick: good luck bro
by Senior Suave October 04, 2009
Pronunciation: \ˈhī ˈskül-ē\
Etymology: English (high school) + Nick (-y)
Date: 2010
1: acting or portraying someone young in secondary school <childish>
2a: exhibiting less than an expected degree of maturity <immature>
2b: having room to grow into a conventional or post conventional moral reasoning <foolish>
it was really immature and high schooly
by senior suave July 28, 2010
When guys are having sex with girls on bunk beds, when one guy gets tired of humping, the other takes over and his humping motion rocks the bunk beds so the other guy can keep it going with his girl while regaining his stamina.
guy 1: "Yo bro bunk bed sex is the best cuz when i get tired, you can fuck your girl and rock the beds for me so i can take a break while still getting off."
guy 2: "What!?!?"
guy 3: "Yea man you gotta ride the train at least once in your life"
guy 1: "thank you!!! thats what im talking about!!"
by Senior Suave September 27, 2009
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