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The pentacle is a five pointed star within a circle, the points representing the four elements (fire, water, earth & air) and ether (spirit) and the circle represents eternity as most pagans believe in the eight-fold year and the spiral dance. Inverted it has been known to be used by satanists and some wiccans to represent materialism.
I wear a pentacle and I'm proud of it.
by MoonRat February 17, 2004
a star inside a circle a pentacle is a symbol that pagans and wiccians use. just like the christians have the cross of crusifix. christians usualy think it is a satanic symbol but it isn't. it is
christian: that is a satanic star.
pagan: no it is a pagan pentacle
by gothic pagan November 18, 2003
A five pointed inner-connecting star inside of a circle. It is by almost every Religion to resemble something different. Here are some of the basic ones.

Wicca-Wiccans use the Pentacle to represent the 5 Wiccan Elements, Wind, Water, Earth, Fire, and Spirit.

Christianity-Christians wear the Pentacle as a representation of the 5 wounds of Jesus. The 5 wounds were inflicted to Jesus during his Crussifiction. Pentacles in Christian beleifs are used to make Demons run away, or protect the wearer from Satan.

Peganism-Pegans use the Pentacle depending on which Pegan God(s) they worship.

Guy 1:Hey dude, why are you wearing a Pentagram?
Guy2: I'm not, this is a Pentacle, the exact opposite.
by Kopoka December 27, 2007
1. A symbol of importance to the science of witchcraft and the religion of paganism.

2. A fashion statement of teenagers who want attention.
Those who know the true power of the pentacle don't wear it casually.
by Killing Kittens May 20, 2004

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