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Bits of blood clots found during a womens menstrual flow.
Gee, Jamie! What's that stuck between your teeth? Looks like a menstrualberry to me!
by SemiMicro August 11, 2006
Little globules of puss and other excrement of a twat weeping from a terrible yeast infection.
When I finally got her panties off I noticed it was loaded with snoochberries. And the smell, barf !!!
by SemiMicro August 13, 2006
An visual aid to see how well your digestive tract is working. Usually happens 6 to 12 hours after eating.
By the tracers I saw,it looked like I had put that whole cob of corn back together!
by SemiMicro August 13, 2006
Small little balls of crap that gather in your butthole when you don't clean yourself well.
Wapi Choo? Oh boy said the hungry ass-licker!
by SemiMicro August 09, 2006
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