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The lines you see after things have already moved from their previos state after consumption of too much alcohol and or too much drugs.

The burning glow of hot lead flying by from a gun.
Oh man im so messed up im seeing tracers.

Oh Shiznit that was so close I saw the tracer duck.
by E December 30, 2002
the visual sensation of images seeming to have a trail behind them due to eat a lot of mushrooms.
dude, when i turn my head i get all sorts of these freaking sweet tracers, o my look at the unicorn!
by crazykarl April 28, 2008
Ok. This one is a trip: Tracers are seen as a result of the vision contorting drug that is LSD. I have never seen tracers on Mushies, Yak, Speed, Green, Ox, Perc, Hydro's, Flex, Trazadone, or Molly. They are Lights/Aura's that emit energy that you transmit from your neurons that have been overloaded by doses. Your Inner Eye Precieves them as a hallucination, but they are real.
Tracers are Life Altering, Take Percaution when Following them, especially if your outside or on a train track when trippin.
by T.S.1. November 08, 2009
If you are looking for Tracer Porn, you came to the wrong site motherfucker. Tracer is a bee-girl with a hot body and a big ass, but get close and she'll implant your ass to your head. She always shouts to people,"Don't worry love, Calvary's here." Which means either that she has el pito grande and is a homosexual or her pussy is just so tight that one of her boyfriends dick got stuck in her.
Have you seen Tracer?

No (Orgasms in background)
by The MLG MotherFucker June 10, 2016
One who colors in the lines of an Artist for Comic strips.
You don't even draw the comic, you just trace over it? You're a fuckin tracer man!
by Anonymous October 30, 2003
In the US military, a person with red hair. This comes from comparing them to a "tracer", a firearms cartridge that has a bit of burning magnesium at the base of the bullet, which burns and can be seen as the bullet flies through the air.

The term "tracer" can refer to either their hair resembling the red path of a tracer bullet flying, or the fact that tracer ammunition in NATO has the tips of the bullets painted red so that specialized ammo can be visually identified.
(to a redheaded coworker) Hey, you over there by the water-bull, getcher ass over here! No, not you Sanchez, that tracer ass-hat next to you... that redheaded assclown.
by Gyreneisms August 09, 2011
A Tracer is the vortex shaped trail of webster residue left in the toilet bowl after a large deuce has been flushed. As the Cosby nugget circles after flushing, its relatively heavy weight causes it to drag. Its greasy composition leaves a visible residue that subsequent flushes will not remove. A Catchers mitt can greatly alleviate the Tracer's effect. This situation will be more pronounced in individuals that consume largely Hispanic or deep fried diets.
Dude, you need to cut down on the KFC. You're leaving Tracers in the bowl!
by Horatio/Nelson July 30, 2009
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