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The moment when you realize you have said or done something that is a horrific faux pas, as in when you hit REPLY-ALL instead of just REPLY and accidentally send the snarky comment you were going to make ABOUT your boss TO your boss instead.
"OMG, I just sent my fiance's insane ex-girlfriend an invitation to our wedding!"

"Oh honey, it's your first Reply-All Moment. I'm so proud!"
by Sekimori October 29, 2007
Sleazy sort of girl (usu. blonde, natural or otherwise) who believes the Ford Mustang is the ultimate status symbol. It's typically painted an eye blistering shade of yellow and features something leopard- or zebra-printed somewhere in the interior.
Maybe that Muskank could get the muffler fixed instead of springing for those stupid spinning rims.
by Sekimori August 05, 2004
The complete and utter lack of feeling you have for people/places/events from your past.
"Going to your high school reunion?"

"Oh hells no. I have such a case of nonstalgia for those people."
by Sekimori May 29, 2007
A sarcastic form of praise, as in when someone does something fairly reprehensible, but sort of cool at the same time.
"I bagged a mother and daughter team last night!"
"Dude, that is sadmirable."


"Congratulations on your A in Physics. Having sex with your prof to get it is quite sadmirable."
by Sekimori March 28, 2007
The hormone that flows when two geeks start arguing about the best way to code/repair/upgrade/mod something.
"Can you believe they're still fighting over whether to use tables or CSS?"

"I know, the geektosterone was so thick in there I had to leave."
by Sekimori November 28, 2007
When someone exposes just so much more than you ever wanted to know about them via their whingy Tweets.
Man, did you see redacted's twitleak from last night? Who knew he was such a needy loser!
by Sekimori February 03, 2009
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