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An emo poser is a fag who is trying to fit in with the 'emo style/label' thinking it is cool or whatever.
1. Purposely cut them selves over nothing or a small imaginary break up.
2. Download loud screamo music (even though they don’t know what they’re saying), google up the lyrics and relate it to their imaginary problem.
3. Attention seeker – shows everyone that they cut themselves.
4. Usually at the back of a gig looking depressed.
5. Cut themselves to look cool and to fit in because they have no other reason to
6. Hide away from everyone and make people worried when there is really nothing wrong
7. Have a stupid side fringe to purposely cover up their eyes of face
8. Hate the music they are listening to fit in with ‘the crowd’

Hence: These people usually have no life and sit around and sulk for no reason. They make up shit on the spot to get ATTENTION (Attention seeker), post luvo pictures of themselves at a weird angle with their hair in their face, uses a shit load of eyeliner to make them looked deprived of sleep, listen to screamo and have no idea what they’re saying but literally hate the stuff, pretending to cut themselves showing a ‘real knife’ with fake dye on it. Not to mention they draw in black pen and make little drawings of things that relate to death and stick them up places.

Stay AWAY from these people!
Emo Poser: Ugh i so hate my life and my girlfriend just dumped me for nothing.
Kid: MMkk...
Emo Poser: OMG i'm so depressed look what i did on the weekend - i actually cut myself, i'm going to commit suicide
Kid: Arn't those red lines that you used in english with a ruler?
Emo Poser: NO! I swear they're real
Kid: I'll just get a knife for you then
Emo Poser: *Run Away*
by SeekMyRevenge October 24, 2007

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